Past Games

ColorBoost lets you explore the duality of colors. Switch between two car paints to use or avoid boost pads on the track.
You have found a note from your grandparents, that are currently sitting on the lost island Mystico.
The goal of the game is simple: Get your little robot character to the end of the level. To do so, you connect inputs and outputs in the control window on the left.
Karl the dog lost his memory of his home and tries to find it.
You play as Birdy who is trying to bring 80's music to all the birds in the world.
This game requires Tobii. We designed it so - that you are unable to even start it without it. To get past the Credits/Startscreen you have to focus the target icon on the screen till the radial
Short story reveal ------------------ You control the mighty Babylon. His parents left him alone for several weeks, but they forgot to turn on the light.

Hearty Games