Past Games

A storm has hit and your boat has been destroyed! Collect planks from the wreckage to build a raft, but watch out for those hungry sharks...
Can you collect all the patterns before your friends?
RandomFighter is a 2.5D platform brawler. Though it is in a recognizable "3 KO´s for the win" format, each game the players are spawned as Ninjas with randomized abilities, weaknesses and s
NOTE: The uploading system seems broken right now, the game is available with the alternative download link at the very bottom of this page.
Our game is about a robot who cannot sleep due to his EMP heart. This causes the lights and other electronic stuff to switch on an off every time his heart beats. Because of this, Flicker is on a quest to find a new heart. But he has the extra difficulty that the light will switch off every second heartbeat. Controls: Arrows or WASD for movement, Up arrow or Space bar for jumping.
You are Tepin \ You are a young Aztec girl, taking the rite of Shaman-hood. \ \ The rite is undertaken as a quest inside the mind and the spirit world, which one can only complete by finding true balance within themselves. You must walk the paths as many times as it takes to achieve this. \ \ In the mind of Tepin, the seeking quest takes place inside the body of Quetzalcoatl - the feathered serpent god of the Aztecs. She has to cross various obstacles and challenges with the help of each of her spirit guides, to find balance within herself, and avoid harm from malevolent spirits.

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