Past Games

You are the catering organizer at the GGJ 2018, and must order pizza for everyone.
Meanwhile in Russia.. Your task is to keep a nuclear reactor running by adjusting its cooling system voltage. Plug in a MIDI controller, start the game and listen to the supervisors instructions
Going to sauna is a highly valued ritual among finns, and may of us have built their personal smaller rituals inside this almost sacred performance.
Bluebell is a horror text adventure. There is some branching in the story, with multiple paths to the end. The game has about 4300 words of text.
This 3rd person co-op puzzle game is played by 4 players over network. Every player plays a different shaped character with different abilities.
This project is about stereotypes and schemas. And zombies. We ran out of time, so it's not complete, but the mood in the game is quite nice..
Lonely satelite is simple game, which is based on one button actions. Player is working as satellite on orbit. Satellites mission is to deliver messages sent by base station from other side of the world to receiver station on other side of the world. User actions are generating messages , which are heart beat sound like. Messages are morse codes that player must deliver forward from satellite. Whole message is shown to player, so if message was too quick, good morsing knowledge will help.
Heart attack is a defense game. Players takes it's place as hearts defense system in persons body that has infected by mysterious virus which affects heart. Goal is to keep all threats away from the heart as long as possible. Time is shown as lived human years. Difficulty is continuously increasing as the defended person gets older and virus gets stronger. Virus has different forms some are strong, some moves faster and some are hard to detect. Tips: Learn all the virus types and focus strongest types. Find boosts which you can use to defeat stronger viruses. Use your collectible boost on right time.
It's about rhythm of life!