Guy Kroizman

Past Games

Feeling trapped? Wish you could escape to a PC (Post-Covid) world? Well, great news - the exit is right in front of you.
Oculus Quest VR game You are god ! Use the tools available on your shelf to save your people (penguins) from the evil fiery boximnons
A B-Class Movie star sets out to protect the earth from Zombie \ Alien \ Whatever invasion! Defend the area from the monsters for as long as you can! Enjoy lovely bugs and glitches! Shoot everythin
Communication Wars 2 Player game TVs vs. Radios Transmit deadly messages to your minions to destroy the other player Keys- Player 1: asdw + (space) Player 2: arrows + (enter)
Microwaves warriors fight An exciting multiplayer game Use keys: q,p,m,(space) to move and double click them to fire !
Mr. big-ball daily ritual is to pick his kids from school and escort them safely home. Mr.
3 People. 1 Character. Get out of the maze.