Past Games

VR Just Dance with Kawaii Metal. You are a dancer on a kawaii metal band with H. R. Giger's aesthetic. You have to follow the dance steps to win.
Fight inside a mech built from junk against your enemy team The game requires Core Engine to play
Competitive party game for 4 players. Four neighbors needs to finish their respective homes. Sadly the materials aviables for construction are not enough for everyone.
es la lucha de cartoneros versus ocupas, en la cual los cartoneros luchan contra los ocupas que le quieren destruir y robarles sus objetos que utilizan para ganarse la vida. It is the struggle of c
Network game where an evil parasite forces you to kill your friends
Guerra de bombitas... con reglas! // Water bombs war... with rules! This is a physical game.
Demonios de otra dimensión, específicamente la segunda dimensión, han invadido la tierra debes sacrificarlos en un anti-ritual para invocar bebés, y de esta forma salvar nuestra dimensión. -Acelerar:
After the president's speech promising flights through the stratosphere, a man is traveling to japan. When the disappearance of the pilots is announced, panic is ensued.
Multiplayer Board Game, You and your crew are on a space ship called "The Albatross II" on the year 1885.
A father realizes that the baby on his wife's last ultrasound doesn't have his face, so he tries to identify the real father from pictures taken on a party 9 months ago.
You pilot the \"Asteroids\" ship, everytime you use your shield of the secondary weapon, a part of your code will be deleted due to the electromagnetic field generated by the weapon. Now you also have to recode the lost functionalities to be able to operate your ship.