Past Games

Your spaceship has run aground and parts have split off everywhere! Rebuild it before your oxygen runs out.
An FMV (full motion video) game where you try and figure out who's the vampire and keep them out before night falls!
"Baby Boomer" is a game that takes place in a dystopian world where people work around the clock to make ends meet.
Strategically choose when to flip-flop on an issue. The longer you hold a stance, the more potential poll numbers - but will they be for, or against?
As a butterfly, you've traveled from the future to help transform the past into what it will be in the slightly-less past of the present.
A thrilling adventure about a happy gardener enjoying family life and a hard boiled detective investigating a trail of murders.
You play a Marine who has descended into hell. Your only light in this world is a heart you carry around in a lantern. Based on the rhythm of the heartbeat, you can extend your light to explore new areas - or find new foes. Can you find all the hearts and escape once and for all, or will these lost souls claim yet another? Press space to beat heart (shrink/grow light)