Past Games

This is a virtual reality escape room game. ​You are stuck in a room, caught between day and night. You must change day to night and night to day in order to escpae this room.
This is Kart Racing game. Bernie has lost his mittens and his kittens and he needs you to find them again.
Repair Royale is a multiplayer Battle Royale game where you fight each other as magical young dragons.
You showed up home late again and now you have to have a battle with the Mrs, Beat Saber style. She throws pots and pans at you and you have to beat them away with your baseball bats.
After crashing on an unfamiliar planet, you must find all the missing pieces to your transmitter so you can connect to your space station and get back home.
This is a short VR (HTC Vive) based game about shooting waves of aliens in a 360 degree arena. Your controllers functions as both guns and shields for the oncoming onslaught.
"The Weirding Sisters congregate. Their brew is known to educate the pilgrims coming to partake. A lucky few will learn their fate; for the rest, trouble awaits." Witches Brew is
This is a point-n-click "escape the room" type game where you have to examine, pick up, and use objects together to figure out how to get out of the room.
You are a candy pirate looking for treasure. You have to navigate the level by eating happy and sad candy. Each one alters the level based on your mood.
In the future heartless robots destroy mankind. Realizing the folly of their ways these "Tinmen" desperately search for love by collecting hearts, thinking that this will fill their empty souls. It's a 4 player arena battle; the player to the collect the most hearts wins! Two players on keyboard and two with controllers seems to work best. You can play it in a browser, but it seems to run slower there. Also there's no AI (ran out of time) so, you have to have two or more players. Have Fun! (BTW - It also meets the "Approved for All Audiences" diversifier below however I could only select 4).
Escape From Infinity is a strategy race game where each player has the opportunity to choose the movement for each player’s piece. The challenge and fun begins as each player determines how far to move each piece and when to move them so they can be the first to escape infinity. \
Jerry Seinfeld's arch enemy, Newman, has made evil clones of him self and is out to destroy Jerry and take over the world. You (Jerry) must fly your makeshift plane and "Destroy All Newmans" before they take over!
This is an adventure game made with the freely available AGS engine. A Crime has been committed. Something is missing from the inspector's hotel room, and he has to figure out which deceptive maid was to blame.