Past Games

Some relationships cannot be repaired; the harder you try, the more you lose. "Oh, cruel time!
So stop me if you have heard this before... But, on a derelict spaceship floating through space there lived five robots.
Astral spiritual DDR of sorts - Ascend away from your earthly form to join the Celestial Dance!
This project is an ambitious game-jam experiment to combine VR, Multiplayer, and 3D (most of our previously projects were 2D) to explore the idea of cognitive behavioral modification in a rippling sea
Sunlight is setting on your idyllic cabin in the woods. You (or your loved one) develop an illness and progressively get sicker as you take a stroll through the foliage. What do you do now?
A game about being a small part of something much bigger that's a small part of something much bigger.