Past Games

In this local cooperative game, two vampires must help each other getting into their respective castles.
PTBR: Na vida, muitas coisas podem nos arrastar pra baixo. Ter um bom equilíbrio entre mente e coração é essencial.
Cego por poder, o incrível mago Albus é amaldiçoado para toda a eternidade ao tentar dominar, simultaneamente, a magia das luzes e das sombras, estando fadado a perambular por aí na forma de crânio de
Apollo is a little robot with a partner. After an EMP strikes, his companion is deactivated and lost.
A fossil-finding game inspired by Minesweeper.
Everything within the range of light, gains life. Everything else, turns to stone.
Seeing his home destroyed by human action, Roni the Rhino sets off on a race moved by revenge and destruction.
Um multiplayer de até 4 jogadores com controles de console que desafia sua assimilação/coordenação motora e converte em conquista territorial!!!
Mom just finished watching her Soap Opera, now you can watch your favourite cartoon! Problem is, all your siblings had the same idea. Brawl with your siblings for the remote.
Bomberman meets Towerfall in a victorian graveyard, the final home of all mortals.
WireBolt is a competitive/coop party game, where your objective is to electrolyze other players!
You're Hawkins, a young Journalism major in your very first gig for a big news outlet.
You need to defend your people against the dark world, expelling the enemies to the other side, but they come back and you don't know why.
It's about a spy/hacker that need to transmit a virus inside the enemy system.
[DEVE SER JOGADO EM CELULAR, DE PREFERENCIA NAVEGADOR CHROME] Você pensou ter baixado um jogo infantil sobre um urso fofinho.
Chrome overdose will chalenge your skills in a fast-paced-seizure-inducing click game. In the game you’ll help Sir Isaac Newton in his might quest of catching the light.
The game Poseidon is about the intervention of Poseidon to the whale hunt. It's a multiplayer game where you can choose between the Hunter and Poseidon and utilize powers to battle!
Irvyn perdeu seu amigo golfinho graças aos grandes níveis de poluição existentes no mar, revoltado com a situação ele resolve acabar com a poluição com seus próprios meios, equipado com a arma sônica
Be a pirate with a partner and follow the orders of your great captain to make the trip calm and lovely.
Você acorda desnorteado, no escuro e em algum tipo de labirinto e o único recurso que tem para se orientar é usando um dispositivo baseado na teoria da cor que ilumina apenas dois ladrilhos a sua fren
You can be the bravest survival crab!
ENGLISH DESCRIPTION: You're part of a group of 4 people that are imprisioned inside a strange place full of dark rooms.
Jogo Mobile, Runner / Melee, 2D e Plataforma. Controle o Neon, um ninja robô futurístico, num mundo pós apocalíptico controlado por robôs malignos.
The OCD experience is a game that emulates a small part of the stress caused by the obsessive–compulsive disorder.
Only using three of the available ingredients on your shelf, you shall complete all of the recipes written in your Invocations Book. Can you do it?
A young wizard strides off her suburban apartment with an unusual quest: to find a way to relinquish her magic powers. Yes, you heard that right. And no, I don't get it either.
An aspiring duck shaman must undergo a ritual to prove his physical and spiritual abilities.
Cooperative Puzzle Game.
The CTL460K space station is inhabited only by a cosmonaut and his computer, Mikhail. Mikhail usually could keep everything in order, but one day he got tired of taking orders and began to give th
Two brothers (a boy and a girl) ask for their dad to play, and he just say to be careful for where they go, to don't go far away.
A Story about 4 friends NOTA: Jogo não foi finalizado apresentação - gameplay -
A survival/puzzle game, where you have to survive. There is three main threats: Lack of Oxygen, invasion of aliens and holes that may suck you into the outer space.
O que acontece quando um herói termina sua saga e o mundo está a salvo?
Be part in a immersive bomb disposal squad.
Minimalistic sensorial arcade game. Don't let too many circles stack and keep the rhythm! Runs on any web browser that supports html5 (recommended google chrome or chromium). For the optimal experience, use headphones. Open the arrhythmia/index.html and ENJOY. HOW TO PLAY: RIGHT and LEFT to move. UP to leave the circles.