Past Games

A wise man once said “Gods live as long as there are people who believe in them”.
Tavern Stories is a game where stories about losing and finding are told. The player, as the tavernkeeper, hosts the patrons in a cozy tavern, can listen to their stories and give advice.
Krak 'em! is a four-player board game about being pirates.
"Home is where the Hex is" is A Magical Home Building Card Game for 4 Players. You are a witch and about to move into your new home which you can design exactly to your liking.
Pirate towers is a board game for 3 - 4 people that takes about 15 - 30 minutes.
Being a crystal collector has never been easy. But you knew from the first day you got your very own spaceship with RGB modifier that you would embrace the challenges.
It's a game about how rituals and traditions have affected women's lives during the history. It's an adventure game made with RPG Maker.
Sir Nutselot was an honorable knight. He was loyal to the king, and to his people.
An angllerfish is out to hunt little fishes. But every where is dark and this hunt won't be that easy. Listen deeply to find your food's heart beat.
This game is a one player platform, puzzle game. In this game player helps a seed to become a plant and from plant to a new seed.
The pirates are seeking for treasure on an island where a lyre-playing siren lives. The siren uses her music for deception. So that, pirates are hypnotised and they fall in love with her. But, if she plays a wrong combination of notes, pirates are awaken and they start attacking her.