Gleidson Mendes

Past Games

You were one, your duo was separeted from you. You are out of balance, try to converge into one particle again. You can control a particle to follow or catch your duo.
O seu tesouro é roubado por um dragão, e você tem que recuperá-lo antes de perdê-lo de vista
Aqui tem sustenabilidade! Consertando o que presta com o que não presta, removendo peças boas de computadores quebrados para reparar outros computadores.
You're safe at your home till a monster tries to invade. You have to use your furnitures to blocks all the entraces and save yourself. Welcome to ths AR action
Reach the place where no man has been before on the universe by yourself, but avoid be surprised by it's mysterious.
The game begins with the shark accompanied by an extensive oceanic current.
In this game you have to interact with elements of nature in order to make the environment change through seasons.
A game where you must disarm a bomb before it explodes. Can you do that? Once you have no knowledge about it. Don`t worry, you have a friend that can help you with this task.
Its a game that the player have to solve puzzles. Based on the thema of this year, the history is based on the view-point of each character of the game, and transporting itens between them.