Past Games

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A local-multiplayer fighting game where you control two salamanders by poking their brains
Awayves is a third person multiplayer experience where the players must find each other in a dark forest. The sound of their own voices will be their only guide.
Italians are very picky about food and they only eat in a specific order. It's a sort of “ritual”.
It's a game that explains a typical situation at GGJ Rome !IMPORTANT: The game needs two Xbox 360 Gamepads!
A psychedelic voxel-based game where the land forms under your feet and you have to be extremely careful not to fall. You can play with the Oculus Rift and a shoe hackontroller called Footmoov.
Vision of Eris is a 3d game made with Processing. The concept of the game is 3d world made on a marker. Each marker represent a different scenario that user can explore. The game is multiplatform, it can runs on Android, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Ouya (and in the future on the web using WebGL and WebRTC). Eris is a girl, she wakes up in a psychiatric hospital. Around her there are some objects and a corpse. Using this object she has to find out several misteryes using objects. Inside her head she hear a costant hearth pulse, using wrong object, her rate hearth increase and she can possibly die, using right object and solving the game, the rate hearth decrease and she can continue to live.