Gerald Franklin

Past Games

You are the mayor of a growing town, but you have a dark secret. You are a vampire, and you are growing your town to feed on.
A combat robot game inspired by Hijinx, Sporkinok, and many more teams. In this game, you get to find your team, design your robot, and fight.
A puzzle platformer about a robot learning to change.
You are a tiny doctor repairing the broken heart of a scorned by a now recent ex. Fight off the Sadness Viruses and repair your Happiness Cells as you journey to the heart.
"Well that's just faaaaantastic," says Santa as he watches his sleigh and reindeer leave without him.
Transmit your actions to objects in your environment. You'll lose those actions but grant them to the objects!
You are an FBI agent working undercover to investigate rumors of illegal activity surrounding the Order of the Cresting Wave, a secret society based out of a nearby suburb.
Take on the virtual and realistic role of a magician using real-world objects to play a digital game. Fight monsters and solve puzzles by levitating them with your "wand", aka scanner.
an isometric action puzzler game about exploring an alien ruins, performing rituals to a forgotten alien god. Too meta for our own good.
A child gets carried away and runs a little too far ahead in the park. You play as the father, who runs after his kid and along the way needs to avoid all the obstacles his child sees.