Past Games

You are the only one who can cure the undead horde! In Clerracks you fight against Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves as you hold your own!
Play as the teleprompter operator in a newsroom. Don't let the teleprompter cut out lest anchorwoman, Just Deborah, be free to say what she really thinks.
Within the mind of a manic depressed being one must resist becoming pulled into depression.
You are about to go through your rite of passage. The elders have sent you to the Dream World for your trial. The goal is to explore, and to find meaning in the landmarks of this place.
As a right of passage, you have been trapped in the labyrinth. Defeat it's master to prove your worth. A very unpolished 24 hour game.
Grab the goods and get out! Museum de Gris is home to an eclectic collection of valuable art and artifacts. You play as Robbert, a cunning thief with a taste for expensive things.
A glimpse inside an interesting mind.
You have a heart condition. You are not doing so well.