gabriel drummond

Past Games

Like the game Jenga, where the players have to take the blocks that make up a tower one by one without letting the tower fall.
Aqui tem sustenabilidade! Consertando o que presta com o que não presta, removendo peças boas de computadores quebrados para reparar outros computadores.
A game about an astronaut lost in the derelict of his ship, trying to fix what he can in order to get back home, even though it seems impossible.
The enemies are using radio broadcasts to send hidden messages. Listen to the radio broadcast and discover intel!
Augmented Reality party game for up to four players where the last ghost standing wins. Transmit your kinectic energy to the other players to knock them oout of the arena.
Salvador Gabe is a cat/dog who surfs. With he's clock board catch time and make points to unlock amazing things.
A Space shooter in which the control keys randomly change making the player adapt as the game go.