Past Games

You are a bandit leader who is trying to get famous in the Wild West. Rob banks, recruit bandits, get guns and get the highest bounty in the Wild West.
Arf! Your favourite ball got stolen by that darn mouse. Better dig through the whole yard to get your ball back.
The bus driver is late! The only way to reach school on time is by taking the shortcut. Unfortunately there are going to be some bumps on the road.
The creatures of this planet have turned evil! Defend your home by scuttling and striding around with your house, shooting your enemies into pacification.
Everyone listens to a voice called The Message. It tells you what to do. Because of a short circuit The Message stops and you find yourself in control of your own thoughts.
After the Black Hadron Collider experiment failed miserably and turned the whole world into dangerous mutants, Doctor Professor Mobius is the only one unaffected by the time disruptions the BHC caused
Please the Gods by making the right sacrifices, Schots & Scheef is a 2 vs 2 resource gathering god game. One player is a god and the other player his servant.
Multiple stages of insanity. Mumble and Momble are prepared to face any apocalyptic event.
You are the protector of metropolis! Recruit agents, apprehend bombings and find the traitors that pollute your city.