Past Games

Struck with amnesia and cursed, Firecracker must traverse the derelict ruins of a buried temple.
An interactive fiction in which you've lost something precious. Something important. You've lost your Tomorrow.
Play as an espionage agent with teleportation abilities, and reach the Top Secret files hidden in the Labyrinthium Complex.
Using a physical surfboard controller. Guide your surfer through the waves avoiding obstacles.
In Landlord Simulator 2016, you own an apartment, shown as a floorplan. Your tenants, however, are an eclectic lot and are adamant about their peculiarities.
Er:R0R is a simple platformer with a hint of exploration.
A game about morning rituals and lucid dreaming. Woah, this is weird.
A game of pong with four players where the rules of the game change throughout each match.