Past Games

Get a pen and paper to draw maps in this game where you have to search a sunflower in a mysterious swamp, then find your way back in the dark.
Oh no! Your spaceship is wrecked and now you're stranded on a desert island! Look for your limbs and bargain for your way out of this spooky island.
Shake your phone to shake your house to make people have great sex !
You’re a princess. Your goal ? Be loved by everyone.
The Blood Countess is a horror game where you play as a mysterious and seductive Lady. Your goal is to lure a young maiden into your manor in order to accomplish a very special ritual...
It is a two-player game with an asymetrical gameplay on various devices.
Un simulateur de comportement et de décisions de groupes d'adolescents. Plus un jouet que réellement un jeu, il va vous falloir trouver votre propre façon de jouer avec.
Here's a bundle of the game we made for this jam. (Because one is not good enough for us.
"And I Push (WhyBecauseIdontknow)" is a cryptic top-down puzzle-game. Find yourself! Run for your life! Beware of these mysterious blocks...

Hearty Games