Past Games

**made in less than 10 hours due to dealing with a sinus infection. Work is on and off again** Help the dev has a sinus infection find their lost balance!
The undead life is tough. For you the only way to survive is to kill. As an undead Necromancer you must kill to collect what you need to repair your ever failing corpse.
The Games about you and your dog, with just your dog anywhere can feel like home.
Infection game with game play like megaman battle network
In this fun filled 2D puzzle game, the player takes control of the boss robot in a robot factory and has to avoid the other robots because they all started to revolt.
Gain the favor of the gods by winning a potion fight in the Arena of Sacrifice against your fellow Witch Doctors. Each potion has unique properties.
A girl wakes up in a strange place with amnesia. Her memories have spewed from her head and have taken physical form.
Plagued by death and the taste of flesh, your rotting mind grows more and more deteriorated over time.

Hearty Games