Past Games

The game is about creating a sand castle against the waves and the high tide.
An escape game where you can only go so far on your own and have to leave notes to your future selves.
Lettres d'amour is an Oculus touch game for two players, played with only one headset and two Touch controllers. One player has the headset and a Touch controller, and they must throw their
The Silent One is waiting. Praise be the Silent One. The Silent One is your friend. Do please the Silent One.
Le jeu de la vie. Jeu de gestion dans lequel, le joueur doit gérer sa colonie de cellule face à une colonie de cellule géré par une IA. The game of life.
You are a scientist and you are trying experiments with little creatures. The game is playable only with an Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra
You are in the deep cold space. You have to find the planet H-0M3. Talk to everyone and explore the universe to find this planet. Decorate your home to feel safe. This game was made during Global Game Jam 2019. Left click : interact Right click : move camera Mouse wheel : zoom-in & zoom-out @Damecay (Graph) @Don_Moahskarton (Dev) @FanghGD (GD-Writer-SFX-Dev) @StudioRMB (music)
Biocarnage 2: The Beginning est un dungeon crawler (hack & slash) multi-joueur. Chaque joueur doit explorer le donjon et atteindre le coeur du secteur avant les autres. Bien évidemment il devra alterner les phases de coop et de combats contre les autres joueurs. Pour ce qui est du scénario, vous êtes dans un vaisseau alien fonçant vers la terre, vous devez être le premier à le détruire pour récolter gloire et puissance \o/.
Kill Me Please is a multiplayer online battle arena game make with the HTML5 technologies. Players are hedgehogs and try to kill themself on the back of the others players to make score.