Evil King Sam

Past Games

It's moving day, you forgot to pack, and you have to leave for your new home in a few minutes!!! Pack as many of the things that matter to you in your suitcase as you can before time runs out.
You have inherited your deceased uncle's McMansion. It is still full of his possessions, still his home and not yours. It is also possessed. By, you know.
Dance to guide your bees to the flower and back before your rival does!
Turn pirates into mail carriers! In this visual novel style game, you must convince a pirate captain to help you transport messages and resources between your home island and the main land, after the
Waves are an oscillation that accompanies a transfer of energy. Terminal Valency is a game about creating a cascading wave through energy transfer.
The Shadow is the story of a shadow who separates from its owner and tries to find help!