Past Games

Game objective: Boatal Repair is about keeping your ship together despite of endless challenges. Controls: Point and left click to interact. WASD, right click and scroll for camera. Backgroun
Defend your sweet home and swan shelter from attacking zombies.
Run around aimlessly and fight creatures much bigger than yours.
Use space to create correct waveform to match incoming waves.
The future of VR is here! See the true future of 3D graphics! Explore the beautiful scenery with your own eyes! In this game you are a monk trainee in The Dark Monastery.
Bored with your friends?
Never been in a Finnish sauna before? Now is your chance! Throw water, chop the wood and have fun! To fully enjoy this game, play in a room with high temperature.
Waking from a empty room in an asylum, the main character has to advance further in the asylum, dodging hostile nurses and doctors and find a way to fight her decreasing mental state with the help of medicines.