Past Games

You are a kid, wandering the streets, in search of missing cats. WASD to move E to interact
You are the trusty TV repair man for your family. Stand by to save the day again and again. A true hero! How to play: Hold space to charge your repair attack.
Jesus is broken and you must fix him Credits: Niklas Gløsen Markus Lange Ingrid Olsen Ingvild Grotløkken Dexter André Osiander Menu music by David Wise
This is a musical space adventure where you are a lone space traveler searching for a new home. Steer your space ship and visit different planets to see if you can find a suitable planet to settle on.
A top down space shooter, but you can't shoot! In the midst of a space war, you control a non-combatant spaceship, providing information to the fighters.
A group of heroes sitting around a table boasting about their accomplishments and great deeds. You must try to outboast the other heroes by telling more thrilling stories than your foes.
An endless ritual spirit collection game set in the lore of StoneHenge... spirits are drawn to this mystical place, but passage to the netherworld is blocked!
A group of teens are having party all night though.
As a gang of lab monkeys, it is your task to get outside this rather wierd lab experiment.