Emmi Isokirmo

Past Games

Salvation and Damnation is a two player multiplayer game where one is GOOD and one EVIL! Leave behind your mark in to the world. Have you found salvation or are you lost in damnation?
Ancient Evil Awakens. This shared screen PvP game will take you right in the middle of a slapdash combat between Order and Entropy.
A game where you gather diverse characters into your commune and try to keep things together.
Help a little awkward critter with an eccentric personality to understand that appreciated and well-wished-for solitude is an acceptable life goal and indeed, a definition of home.
God of Wifi is a top down puzzle game about an IT guy's journey to wifi divinity. In a world where Wifi is broadcasted as a beam, and it's driving the Gods of Mount Olympus nuts, you ta
A sudden storm threatens to sink the ship. Quickly sail (spacebar) back to the lighthouse. The waves might break the ship if it's not moving (you can always restart by pressing enter).
A conjurer tries to save his village from natural disasters.