Ellie Hein

Past Games

It's pickup time at Chuck's Day Care, shame you never learned any kids names. Find each kid based off descriptions from their parent. And feel free to throw those tykes about.
They're Coming! Humpty Dumpty has fallen (again) and All the King's Horses are on their way! Help those silly beasts get back to the castle to help put poor Humpty together again. Did y
Home for us is sharing a meal with your loved ones. Aim: Find each other in the woods while collecting ingredients to enjoy a nice hot soup! However, make sure you're not left alone when night falls! This game can be easily played on your phone! Remember this game is about teamwork, so good communication is key to succeeding!
It is a 2 player co-op game, an engineer and a manager. The engineer is in the cockpit of the spaceship and adjusts the chemicals used to make the breathable atmosphere, where as the manager is communicating with the engineer from HQ providing information about the clients' species. Players have 1 screen each but they can't see their teammates screen. The game revolves around manipulating slide-bars, buttons and knobs to adjust the amount of chemicals pumped into the back of the spaceship to make a breathable atmosphere for your client before you pick them up. The engineer is shown a portrait of the client and must describe the client to the manager, who then tells the engineer the appropriate chemicals to make the atmosphere.