Past Games

Krak 'em! is a four-player board game about being pirates.
A two player survival card game where players try to survive and depend on each other. As the weather goes colder will you be able to keep your home warm?
A game about a space ship trying to bring back home the necessary resources for the home planet to survive. The game focuses on timing and decision making.
Instead of controlling the character, you controll earths movements to help your character avoid hazards. The game uses simple swipe and drag controlls, and can be played in mobile or PC
It is about an old man, voyaging through the lost city where he was raised; wishing for the warm colours of the rainbow to shine down from the sun once again.
Papi'nin maceraları.
Infinite runner on a wave function
Rite is a resource management game depending on cultural heritage of Aztec civilization.
Game about Little Child who seeks adventure on an unknown dimension, and he's got help from the spirits of ancient animals of the forest.
A game where a God aligns the celestial objects in the sky through following a set of rules.
Endless ritual game, where the ancient tribe must sacrifice the chosen ones in order to survive the night. It's not important where you start, but it's obvious that it matters.