Past Games

A interactive tribute to "Split" by Vincenzo Lodigiani. A game about the clash between eastern dialectics and Hegelian dialectics. Find pairs and progress in the game.
[TR] Sabahın erken saatleri. Gün henüz doğmamıştı. Telefonun mesaj yağmuruna tutulmuş ve kolundan çıkarmadığın akıllı bileklik de sürekli titriyordu. İkinizi de uyandırmıştı.
You have to repair the coming platform in front of you to be able to continue moving. There is a 20 seconds timer.
Bullship is the journey that demonstrates all the shit the game developer heard from his ex girlfriends. The ship must pass from each lighthouse to hopefully get to home.
[TR] Fazla mesai sonrası eve dönmeye çalışıyorsun. Otobüs tıklım tıklım, trafik ise durmuş. Ama bugün senin üstüne çok geldiler. Eve yürüyerek dönmeye karar veriyorsun.
The city you live in is occupied. Telegraph does not work. Communication between headquarters and units can be provided by volunteers like you.
EN: Platformer Adventure game.
Try to escape from waving lazers!
You have to escape from the salt throwing wormish-hand.
A dystopian world and a shaman decided to slaughter all corrupt people.
"What do we do now?" We are GGJ staff. Our game is about us. In this game you take control of us. Serving drinks to participants, help them to gather their teams and develop your own game.
The game is about metamorphosis of a caterpillar. While metamorphosing, we tried to show it’s perception of environment. The caterpillar’s mission is collecting and growing to become an butterfly.