Past Games

UnoDos is a casual puzzle game, use Uno and Dos at the same time to pass levels and reach to the end of the game.
It's a history about Jessy and his boring routine, home to work and work to home. Help him to break this routine.
Devil’s Memory Challenge conta a história de dois demônios que caíram na terra após uma batalha entre as suas hordas. Além de seus poderes, suas memórias e personalidades foram perdidas.
The game tells the story of Bub, a wanderer who traverses the universe in search of new objects that can add to his collection, as well as study them to better understand them. On your journe
The world has fallen into chaos after the transmission of a virus amid the desperation appeared a doctor surviving one day at a time, help him find his family.
Sua missão é desligar seus eletrodomésticos antes que as ondas eletromagnéticas destruam sua casa.