Past Games

You and your team need to keep the highway in good repair.
You play as an AI on a colony ship approaching a new world. Your job is to figure out how to help all the new colonists feel at home so far from Earth.
You're a skeleton at High Skoolington. The Graduation Ritual is looming, and - OH NO!
Made in Adventure Game Studio by two sound designers, stepping up to the respective plates of inexperienced scripter and colour-blind artist; Azathar's Revenge is a vitriolic tale of Azathar, the
You are Elephantopus. You live in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. You are looking for your one friend.
A gravity-flipping platformer where the state of the character changes with orientation. As the mermaid, you collect stars and get hurt by worms. Because they are evil. Because we said so.
Bounce around column to column, Stomp on your opponents heads, But watch out for them as the try to stomp on yours. Collect your effigies only visible when not looking directly at them.
All germs must die by the hand of this ultimate cleaning lady!!!
Kingdom Hurts is an anti-game that works against the player at every step attempting to decieve you into death and failure. The level design, collectibles, upgrade system and the plot are all in their own a trick at the player's expense.