Past Games

This is a 2D puzzle-game where you play a forgotten treasure chest, lost because he was buried in the wrong place and struggling to be found and meet his pirate friends. Reach the cross that indicate
/!\ Note importante : Se référer au PDF disponible dans le dossier du jeu ou liens dans le jeu /!\ (https://bit.ly/2GOYL2p) Lancez vous dans la carrière de réparateur et venez à bout de différents o
RULES: Rescue little Owmies.
2D Arcade/Puzzle game with cartoon-style graphics and physics. Your goal is to manage to reproduce the starting Big Poyu by blending a number of smaller poyus together.
39°C outside in a hot summer day. How to cool down a bit ? By going to the swimming pool ! Just the time to grab your best friend ands you're in the water !
3D Puzzle FPS in a fantasy/cartoon/crazy universe (and squirrels). This game will lead you through the incredible shamanic initiation ritual. Discover all your various spells, use them wisely to m

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