Past Games

It's a beautiful day and Daniel needs sunglasses.
You are a one handed skeleton explorer looking for his lost hand in a lost temple in a desert. Get your whip swishing! Music: Lobo Loco - Bazar (CC BY-ND) (https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Lobo
It's actually Half-Life 3
Your objective is to transmit a zombie virus to as many people as you can before the zombies kill them.
Ahoy Mateys! Dare ye face the Royal "navy" o' those landlubbers? Haharr. Ye must send waves o' enemy ships down to Davy Jones.
Unleash ur inner gangsta as u greet ur gangsta m8 with 4 different greetings.
We have plunged from our helicopter! Fortunately we had parachutes with us. What do we do now? You control all of us. With different controls. At the same time.