Past Games

Black goes through Black; White goes through White. First to the centre wins. WASD for White character, Arrows for Black character.
Enter the world of dreams and confront a maze full of your worse, lost memories, in the form of foxes.
Using a grid of LED-loaded, Arduino-controlled, pressure sensitive tiles, your job is to stomp on the deteriorating tiles to "repair" them, before they run out, and trigger GAME OVER.
A fun VR multiplayer experience both inside and outside the virtual reality
The Universe BSOD'ed! A portal experiment breaks the Universe, who are you gonna call? the Universe Repair Service!
This game you will play as a Mermaid, that is missing some of her scales.
Reconstruct inter-dimensional gateways and travel between different environments while looking for your true Home-World. VR Game, Bluetooth Controllers encouraged.
Shoot down the messenger rockets before they can fly away. Avoid explosive rockets.
First Person VR - Defend your tower against an onslaught of passive aggressive birds and pigs.
Escape the trap of enlightenment to retain plausible deniability and make America Great Again!
Can you withstand the SHOCKWAVE!? Be the fastest or your in for a WORLD OF PAIN! It's SHOCKINGLY good fun!
... This is a bad idea. Real Bokken / Katanas (practice swords) and virtual goats. What could go wrong?