Past Games

Home is the place where you hate your neighbor.
Play the role of mighty exorcist Ray Bibbia and type your way against the devil. A frantic mix between a shoot 'em up and a typing game!
What happens when the popular golden hero gets defeated, and nobody else can stand a chance against the evil one? A bunch of villagers decides to take the charge and go to the rescue all together!
Hole In The Head is an endless top down shooter about a guy who gets his skull trepanned, allowing him to see all sort of strange creatures around him.
"My own chest" is a vertical-scrolling platform where the goal has to reach the player. It features a great look and an awesome 8-bit OST. Our game is about a body separate from its own heart but in this game the real hero is not a heartless body: it's a brave heart. It cannot move, can only beat strongly and jump by doing so. Of course a heart cannot beat forever so the player has to look for some "gasoline" while achieving it's way to the top.