Past Games

Adjust the knobs so all the sounds are synchronized into a coherent sound wave.
Rock, paper, scissors to the extreme :)
A game about a guy who wakes up in a maze, he cant remember why, and he have no idea, what he has to do now! All he knows is that the gravity is acting weird....
move with the arrow buttons Q - restart level CTRL - shift color
Click to the Heart Beat in order to Run away from the evil agents
a simple snake game with cool graphics, its unfinished, you cant die, missing features are: self hit check and outer circle hit check. \ for now you can float around in space :D still looks pretty cool!
in the distant future, the year 2000, robotic beings will try to rule the world 2 players game, alien vs miserable human
When Guitar-Hero meets the dance floor... Steve is in a disco party. He wants to "seal the deal" with the ladies, but he needs to overcome many obstacles along the way. let's help Steve dance together!