Past Games

Escape room game
Losing your keys is something very common for everyone, and finding them is always a challenge.
A puzzle game, where a hotel atender can move the arrows of the clock to control the time and modify the events to try to repair your week in the job.
Este es un juego de adventuras, en el cual despiertas en un mundo etéreo y tendrás que recolectar recuerdos y atravezar niveles para descubir la historia detras de todo.
DD87 is the name used by NASA to call the Spaceship that performs a mission to the Moon. The DD87 was flying through space when suddenly a large meteorite hit it, and the main antenna was damaged a
This game is a mobile topdown survivor game where you are in a nightmare of a magician and he tries to defend himself from an evil deck of cards.
this is a 2 dimension world game, be a pshyco man who believes he is a banana and tries to scape from the apes who try to eat him, in fact he is in a mental institution and the guards are trying to ta