Past Games

The peaceful planet of Jamnimus has come under attack by counterdimensional catboxes, kuntlings and kebabobos!
You are the omnipotent god of all creation, and it's your birthday! Bunch of your cultists are marking the occasion by offering themselves for your nourishment.
A two player bullet hell game... with time stops that enable you to plan your dodging in advance!
Find out the true nature of the objects around you and react accordingly. Just remember to control your temper!
2-player co-op game in which you try to defeat an endless swarm of enemies, all the while maintaining your connection. Beware, if the heart player dies, it's game over! WASD controls the heart player, which can also shoot using UHJK. The blue player is moved with the keypad, and bullets can be fired using the mouse. Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HrczZLNdNY
Travel through 8 different worlds to achieve your ultimate goal... catching your tail!
Isometric extravaganza with one awesome weapon of destruction!