Darko Jovanov

Past Games

Ever wondered what it's like to fight over the wheel in a racing game?
Martin struggles to maintain a clear head during his quarantine and escapes into a control room of his memories in an attempt to extract his trauma from his childhood memories. Move - A/D Use/Inte
Dr. Sir Ricky, a multidimensional time and space engineer, has accidentally managed to break time and space continuum.
In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, the world is rebuilding. We experience this world through the everyday life of a factory repairman who realized zombies are the duct-tape of his broken machines.
The Blacksmith Brothers defend their village from the Jelly Jams. A local multiplayer tower defense game.
Awoken from unsavory slumber, Perun finds himself in a dark cave deep within a thick forest somewhere in the Balkans.
An old man, far away from home has found fire. He wants to go back home and share it with everyone but the odds and Gods are against him.
The game is about three virus friends trying to infest a human host and *transmit* a disease! It's a local co-op game where three players simultaneously play and complete objectives together.
In a world of silence, a girl finds an old radio out of which she can hear the music played by the Muses.
There is a hero for every world. But what is a hero? Will Induar be a hero? A rebel.