Past Games

搭著遊艇跟朋友們一起出海享受假期的你,突然間船隻各處都接連開始出現故障了(((゚Д゚;)))! 在遊艇成功回到港口前趕快和夥伴們一同拿起工具、修理各處的故障,讓船能平安撐到回到港口吧! Nice Ship是一款合作過關遊戲, 遊戲中支援4人同時遊玩, 玩家必須要合作在船隻抵達港口前維持著船隻的運作使用對應的工具解除各種危機, 玩家之間配合的默契是過關的關鍵。
遊戲類型:文字冒險遊戲 你是一位孤兒院的員工,這次來了幾個家庭申請撫養院裡的孤兒。
In this strange sect, the Pope is God-like, once the Pope is watching the group members who must do the action, and if don't the action they will be thought about breaking the rule of the sect an
Here's some photos. Your goal is to take partial of each them, and fool other people.