Past Games

A point-and-click adventure where you are an intern at a Covid vaccine production facility and you have to find the 5G microchip to insert into the vaccine!
Repairate is a fast-paced 4 players local game where you and your friends need to clean up and repair the pirate boat after a raucous party.
Take on the role of a mother trying to survive in a desolate wasteland, scavenging to feed her daughter Erica. Erica's Home, is a game about dealing with grief and coming to terms with it.
A social sim/ space shooter where you have to bond with your ship’s subsystems and not die in the process. **Space shooter how-to** Your goal is to protect the mothership from the asteroids usin
You are a humble janitor who stumbles across a couple of illuminati during an unholy ritual, but something happens. The illuminati are forced to leave the room for a couple of minutes and ask you n
The idea is: how trash can you get? STORY: Crysis has struck on the population with almighty rage, most of the politicians are illuminati or reptilians. The world might have come to an end. What
Some catchy music for an extremely simple and intuitive gameplay that stimulates players' creativity.
It's here! It's new! It's the perfect gift for your little princess! The doll of her dreams! ... but sometimes dreams can change into nightmares! Be evil. Explore the room. Avoid the other toys. Listen the heartbeat and find your victim!

Hearty Games