Past Games

You are the local park ranger. Folks come to you to ask for directions to the local attractions. Use spacebar and arrow keys to tell them which way they need to go.
A simple physics puzzle game about repairing art deco. Use the mouse to pick up and move pieces back into place. Currently has five levels with increasing difficulty.
A smart house cares for it's sole occupant.
You play as Shadrak, a Dataflighter. An elite hacker with one goal; get to the server, flight the data and get out alive.
This is a puzzle game, where the goal is too create a temple by using rituals that change the land. There are four rituals. Rise: Step upwards in a zigzag pattern and end the ritual by stepping do
You are a dead Viking who must steer their longboat through space, on an after-death journey to Valhalla. All is not as simple as it would first seem; there is an abundance of planets, black holes, and stars, each with their own gravitational field. Entering said fields will throw you further into the collision course. Will you make it to Valhalla?