Past Games

Kid Gumdrop accidentally drops his mom's money while returning home from the corner store. He heads back out to retrieve it and sees it flying down the street.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! Can you repair an egg that fell off a wall? Test your skills and see if you can do what all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't do!
Do whatever it takes to get home safe from your trip. Install on Windows PC. Launch game. Use space bar for Full screen.
Navigate your diet soda up and out of the fridge with the arrow keys past tempting calories.
Create your own waves and surf them until your can stay topside. Try to ride the wave!
Immerse yourself in the completely accurate experience of life as an inchworm.
A very cold game featuring winter. Created for kids ages five and younger. Use up and down arrow keys to navigate twirling snowman to gain points by catching snowflakes.
Help Chicken Little prove the sky is falling by collecting orbs inside the fallen clouds hovering in Tiny Town. Use your WASD keys to navigate, and the space bar to jump.
We’ll see things as they are when pigs fly, and they are coming!
Catch the train or die of a heart attack from exhaustion!
Rumples compares the use of the Oroborous in many cultures in this RPG of self discovery.
Fishing for Tails! \ Snakehead Fish Hunting Tails \ \ Goal \ Fish upstream avoiding other fish, and avoid the fish police while collecting fish tails! They will try to run you off the road! \ \ Playing \ Fish upstream using the arrow keys. Keep an eye out for the fish police. \ \ Help Keys \ ends the game \ opens the help file \ changes over to graphics mode \
In this game, you play the hand of God by using the hand to direct the wind towards candles that have been placed in windows by the followers of The Serpent Flame. Directions: Use your mouse to control the hand. Use the z/x keys to control the angle of the hand. Direct the blowing wind towards the candles. The Crumbly Muffin Studios Team Members Are: Artists: PMac - PMac is an experienced Artist/Graphic Designer and IT Professional developing skills in game mechanics and workflow. CMac - Multimedia Specialist/Artist/Illustrator/Documentary producer. He is acting as our Technology Facilitator. Kevin Kroschel - He is an aspiring game developer specializing in Concept art and 3D modeling. He lives and breathes this stuff. Nick Bouyer - He is an Artist that specializes in concept art. Also a huge sports fan. And the best Video Game player in the group. Programmer: Tyler Mitchell - Interested in game engine development. Trying to transition from game tinkerer to game engine programmer.