Past Games

Automation/Stealth isometric pixel art game with some "Sweeney Todd" influences. The game focuses on a female cook whose running a meat pie restaurant at a low-in-resources era.
Welcome to your new job as the "Lost & Found" airport clerk! Passengers lose all sorts of items around the airports, be it phones, baby bottles or knives, and they need your help! Lo
T10 came back to life in the junkyard, the robot's graveyard, missing some of his core functions. He will have to use spare parts repair himself, with the sources for the parts slowly becoming m
Stop the nude pic from going viral! Intercept the transmissions and don't let the woman who sent you the pic know its been around other phones. every action you make depletes energy that rege
It's like Superhot with sonar! stuck in an underwater facility overrun by zombies, and completely in the dark.