Past Games

Fight other house member to collect the most candy
Extreme Pong with Waves
Face off against your opponents in the battlefield and shows that your Shaman is the best!
As a hitman for the Blind Mafia, your work is to kill your targets, identifying them by their heartbeats. Replacing the sigth of the sniper rifle for a powerful directional microphone, you are able to carry this difficult task. Or that is the plan at least. You get paid for well done jobs, and you get fined for your mistakes. You can buy add ons with your money but be careful. Mafia never forgets its debtors, not even the Blind Mafia.
\"Respawner\" es un juego de estrategia estilo puzzles. Consiste en un fantasma capaz de entrar en distintos cuerpos, Éstos poseen distintas habilidades parar evitar una serie de obstaculos. \ \ \"Respawner\" is a strategy game style puzzles. It consists of a ghost able to enter various bodies, They have different abilities to stop to avoid a series of obstacles.
You are the last fireman in the world and you MUST extinguish all the fire in the houses roadside.

Hearty Games