Past Games

Play as the child of a struggling family in this point and click emotional narrative.
Marketing is an important part of game development. We chose two games from our Jam site and attempted to create the market strategies for if they were to fully complete and sell the game.
A game about repairing the human mind. In 2070 a group of psychologists and engineers unlocked the ability to access and edit people's brains. This resulted in our company, Theraprogress!
PR and marketing is an important part of having success with your games. That is why we have decided to Jam Marketing.
An ARG game about the 10 year journey of GGJ. We have received an alien transmission during Global Game Jam.
An automatic runner created from your own music! Jump and flip to dodge bass and treble of your songs. Upload your own song and the soundwave will be your level. The style is sketch inspired, som
Experience the joy and despair of Penguin fatherhood, as you await the return of your beloved spouse from her fishing trip, in just two months time. Chill out with your penguin buddies at your 
Timey Wimey is a time-travelling, network, co-op game. Play as your present and future self working together to stop the apocalypse.
This years theme inspires to produce something personal and meeningful.