Past Games

Easy to learn hard to master 20 minutes aprox +8 age Since the beginning of time and space there have been two entities that struggle to impose their hegemonic character in the cosmos.
Juego de mesa print and play cooperativo donde tendrás que buscar recursos en el bosque para sobrevivir y encontrar el camino a casá. Realmente no medimos nuestros tiempos, además de tener algunos
La nación lleva tiempo dividida, es tiempo de repararla, para ello usaras tu diplomacia para movilizar a campesinos, obreros científicos y administrativos.
Concept for video game, unfortunately I did not have a team that will support me in code and pixelart (this last patient) that's why the project is open to continue working outside the GGJ2019, p
Game of construction table, devido to that sick of the stomach and I could not finish in form my project, I counted on support when closing the prototypes of my mechanics of Nido Ruiz And the graphic
Juego de mesa de transmisión energética entre mechas / Energy transmission table set between wicks
Tu jugaras en el rol de un astronauta que tendrá que eliminar basura espacial. You will play in the role of an astronaut who will have to eliminate space junk. Instrucciones: tendrás que escapar
Game based on italian opera that joins a rithmic game with classical scenography to bring an experience based on the ancient greek mithology using a combat system in real time between our heroine &quo