Past Games

Bizim küçük şeytanımız insanların "Şeytan Aldı Götürdü Satamadan Getirdi" şarkısını duymuş ve buna çok içerlemiştir.
Find correct missing part , pass and accelerate..
In a toy factory, we have some broken assembly line for animal toys and you have to repair the toy yourself. But Carefull ! However you assemble the toy is how its gonna hit the stores. :D
What home means to your cat is an entirely different thing than it does to you. We hope you have house insurance.
It's the first day of Greengrocier Hakkı and his apprentice Salih. They need to unload the watermelons to the box. This is a PC game and it's been playing with Kinect One.
A banana boat runs from the obstacles and gather items by creating waves with leap motion,voice or spacebar on Keyboard
You'll help our primitive tribe with their Totems and their Rituals by competing in several mini games in this fun little mobile game.
Mr.Faust is one of the ancestors of Albert Einstein in magic universe which dreamed by a game jammer in real time time.
Insan-E is a first person horror advanture game takes places in an haunted manor. Our character is an half sane (half insane:) ) ordinary guy with an extraordinary childhood.
This game made for Window 8 tablet and mobile devices. You could use left joystick for move to character and shot for A button, Reload for B button. You need to reach end of the level to win the game.
This game requires 2 players. First player controls are : W, A, D, and E Second Player controls are : Up, Right ,Left and Right Shift
An FPS game which is all about zombie survival. You need to complete some objectives in the levels. Controls : W-A-S-D to Move Shift to Run CTRL to Crouch R to Reload F to Slow Time Right Click or Left Alt to Aim Left Click To Shoot