Caleb Anderson

Past Games

"In this town, it's one for all, or all for one. Question is...
Welcome to the world of Bekir. In this land, characters must find mystical Energy from across their land to recover their lost abilities, before facing each other in combat, to determine who is truly
"Countdown to Catastrophe" Follows a spaceship engineer called "tinker" who is woken up by his ship taking a nice tour of an asteroid belt.
You are a team of explorers, trying to escape the mysterious Lab you find yourselves trapped in. You must travel to various lands in order to collect the different Treasures you need to escape.
"You wake up from what feels like a bad dream, everything seems unfamiliar to you, as if your memory has been washed away.
Two players compete to gain control of a Network using a combination of Data and Commands to take over Nodes. (This was a "Final Countdown" Diversifier of "Hero Chronicle".)
Control one of four heroes in the world of Temporia, a land blemished by the god Deus Chronicle and his Plague. ("Power Down" and "Palindrome" are both key aspects of the story,

Hearty Games