Past Games

Because everything deserves a second chance. Determine whether to accept or reject toys in a factory refurbishing old toys.
A short VR adventure about a group of teenagers investigating a strange occurrence in the mountains. For Oculus Quest 2 version, visit the page!
Its the last leg our your journey. You are almost there. But someone forgot to pack the spare power cores.
Remove ghosts from your home in 1-4 player co-op action. •••• Controllers strongly recommended!
You are a teenager in the mid nineties trying to download the latest shooter Boom(TM), unfortunately your babysitter wants you to finish your homework before your parents come home.
A rabid infection is spreading through the human race, but the infection only shows itself upon death of the subject. Kill people to find out whether they were infected, and try to finish the game with the most number of survivors!

Hearty Games