Past Games

Our Home is about a tribe which gets poor because of a strong blizzard, caused by a nordic god. They must travel on a journey to find resources, survive and stablish a new base.
A 2D shoot'em up where an alchemist, Elric Titor, is searching for elements to transmit their energy to the Earth which is decaying by evil forces.
A shooter sidescroller where our protagonist is on a mission to find the Astatrium, a rare mineral used on creation of planets and stars, to save the star of his solar system from death. -Commands:
It's a goat game multiplayer about skeleton ritual and nice graphics and epic music. Version: 0.01a
Help this curious little girl get out of the forest safely as she's pursued by military forces. But she won't be alone, her friend G976 will be there.

Hearty Games