Past Games

Your phone is missing. This is not only an outrage, it's downright dangerous. You've got to find where in the world that thing scampered off to!
A VR team game where your team navigates David's Disco Labyrinth. The labyrinth takes the form of a series of connected rooms, each with two doors. Each door takes you to a different room.
Ani Fighter is a 2D fighter where the winning is done in the training rituals before the fight.
Tremor Town: You are a town manager looking to build a town on the cheap. So you came to Tremor Town looking to do so. The only problem is Tremor town is known for the frequent earthquakes! Gameplay: Use your mouse and drag across the screen to make buildings, the more resources you can the bigger building you can build the bigger your building the more points you can get. After every earthquake you will get some more resources and you will build less each around. If you lose all your buildings you lose the game! The GGJ Theme: Using the 2013 theme of heartbeat, our team thought the idea of the BEAT of the becoming a pulse of the heart of the earth, but in the form of a earthquake.
An arcade ambient game to allow you to just take some time out relax, unwind and think. Your goal is to grow the tallest tree by only using the environmental factors of wind, heat and rain. However each action is built up upon each other and exploration is encouraged.